Welcome to MedSoft!

The Onboarding page is designed to provide you with the information you need to seamlessly transition to MedSoft.


Clinic Owners – Start Here

Welcome! We’re so glad you chose MedSoft, and we look forward to helping you grow your clinic! As soon as you have access to MedSoft, you’ll want to set up (or confirm, if we set it up for you) your system settings. Use our step-by-step walk through so you don’t miss anything.

A great second step would be to confirm your clinic Charges and update anything as needed.

Front Office Assistance

Registering New Patients

All About Appointments

The Patient Center




Therapist Tools

All About Documentation


Other Helpful Tips

  • MedSoft utilizes a One-Hour Timeout system.
  • Looking for User Forms and Guides? Begin here.
  • Learn more about Tasks.
  • There are a few Behind-the-Scenes tools in MedSoft that help make everything work, like:

Ready for More In-Depth Knowledge? Check out our Reports and Widgets page.

Are you a Multi-Location Clinic? Make sure to check out the specifics of managing multiple locations in MedSoft!