Tag: New Release

Announcement: Insight Analytics Upgrade Coming Soon!

As part of our ongoing efforts to continue to improve the User Experience, MedSoft is excited to announce an upcoming refresh of the Insight Analytics page! All widgets will be getting a complete refresh, with a specific focus on providing information to users in the most efficient way possible. Your new Insight Analytics page will..

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Billing Screen Clarification

With our 10/19/17 Release, MedSoft now provides more clarity in regards to documentation for Current and Previous Visits. Prior to this Release, within the Patient Center – Financials – Billing window, the Current Visits and Previous Visits tabs have always shown “Yes” in the Documentation column, even if the Visit was created by a Cancel..

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How (and Why) to Clear Your Cache

When MedSoft updates are made, you’ll frequently hear the recommendation to Refresh a particular screen, or to “clear your cache” in your web browser. We know you probably get sick of hearing it. Here’s the skinny behind what’s going on: When we release new MedSoft builds, they often include new JavaScript. All web browsers, though,..

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