Incomplete Billing Widget

This widget shows patients who are ready for billing.


This widget is used by the billing team and by clinics managing their own billing for cash patients. It functions as a “to do” list of patients who need their billing completed. Patients who have been checked in for an appointment and whose documentation is complete will show up on this widget.

Within the widget details page, all columns are sortable; clicking on any column header will sort the widget details by that column. Additionally, the filter box will search through all results on the grid and return only those rows with the data entered in the filter box. This report links to the Patient Center by clicking on Patient Name.

The Details data is also able to be exported to Excel.


NOTE: Patients will not show up on this report if a Policy Type has not been selected. For Cash patients, we recommend that clinics create an Insurance named “Self Pay.” Once this insurance is selected, create a Policy with the “Cash” Policy Type.