Tag: Medical Management

Creating Clarity: Authorizations and Prescriptions

MedSoft’s Authorizations and Prescriptions tracking features are designed to help your Front Office to easily manage these aspects of medical care. That management has become even easier with the latest MedSoft release.   Active Authorizations and Prescriptions will now show up in separate grid than Archived  Authorizations and Prescriptions, as shown below:   The Active Authorizations and Prescriptions are referenced in the Expiring widgets. The Archive will..

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Time Savers: Auto-Faxing

  Auto-Fax Configuration MedSoft offers an Auto-Faxing feature for therapist documentation. Each clinic has the option to turn this feature ON/OFF on the Admin – Configuration tab in MedSoft. Please note that only Admin users have access to the System Configuration tab.   On the System Config tab, Admin users have three available options: Require..

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