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Multi-Location Clinics

Tips and Tools for Multi-Location Clinic Users Last updated 12/22/17   Multi-Location Clinic Users can identify their locations through the Location Drop-Down box above the Menu Navigation bar:   You can use this drop-down to alternate between locations for all your MedSoft interactions.   Be aware of what information is shared! MedSoft shares some, but..

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Enhancing Check-In Through The App

So, you’ve moved beyond just navigating through the calendar to see today’s schedule. You’re ready to get a bit more out of the app by tracking notes, scheduling tasks, and maybe even accepting a payment! From the calendar, tap on any patient’s name on the schedule to open the¬†Appointment Detail window. This window shows you..

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A New Spin On An Old Classic: How MedSoft’s App Calendar Changes The Game

MedSoft’s calendar shares directly over to the new Mobile App. The current version of the app allows each user to view one calendar resource. This means that each therapist can view his/her own calendar, but not other calendars. You’ll see the number of appointments scheduled for today and tomorrow on the App Home Screen. Click..

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