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How to Register a New Patient

New Patient Registration The first step in the clinic process is to register your new patient. To do so, click on “Registration” in the Menu Navigation Bar.     Pending Registrations When the Registration page loads, any Pending Registrations that have previously been saved will show up on the Registrations screen. For more details on..

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Referrals By Type Report

  If you are interested in tracking where your patients are coming from, the Referrals By Type report is an excellent place to begin. This report, available to Front Office and Admin users, shows the Referral Types and Notes for all patients added within a particular timeframe.   To access the report, navigate to Admin..

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Referral Types at Registration

When Registering a New Patient in MedSoft, you have the ability to make multiple selections that enhance your clinic’s reporting. One such option is the selection of a patient’s Referral Source. MedSoft includes a comprehensive list of Referral Sources for patients:   The referral source defaults to “Doctor,” as this is the most frequent referral..

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