One of MedSoft’s greatest features is the time-saving measures it provides to your clinic. By entering a bit of information at initial setup, you will provide your clinic with ease of use and reporting for years to come. The Vendor portal is one example.

All users of MedSoft have the ability to add, view, and edit Vendors under the Admin menu. Once a Referring/Treating Physician has been added as a Vendor, your clinic can:

  1. Have all Vendor/Physician information readily accessible at any time
  2. Access a profile of that Vendor/Physician’s office that outlines contacts, treatment and prescription guidelines, and more
  3. Store documents related to that Vendor/Physician in a secure, digital location
  4. Link patients to a Referring Physician at Patient Registration
  5. Track all referrals that come from that Vendor/Physician
  6. Auto-fax documentation to that Vendor/Physician