Tag: Clinic Management

Pending Appointments Widget

This widget shows patients whose appointment date has passed but who are still in Pending status on the Appointment calendar. This widget is used to identify patients who still need to have their appointment status updated to “Checked In,” “No Show,” or “Canceled.” Patients will show up on this widget after the date/time of their..

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Registrations Widget

The “Registrations” widget shows a total of all Pending Registrations. It also shows Year to Date numbers for Completed Registrations and Appointment Cancellations. Finally, this widget shows a grid of all Completed Registrations by month in comparison to Canceled Appointments in the same month.   The “Pending Registration” box shows the total number of Registrations..

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Visits Per Month Widget

The “Visits Per Month” widget shows Checked In, Canceled, No Show, and Pending visits per month. This graph shows a monthly breakdown of visits. Hovering over the columns on the graph will show numerical data for Checked In, Canceled, No Show, and Pending appointments. Note: this widget only counts appointments where the patient name was..

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