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Cash Patient Billing in MedSoft

  Billing for Cash Patients Some MedSoft clients choose to do their own billing for cash patients. The process is simple once you’ve done it a few times, but here’s a guide to help until you’ve got the hang of things.   Step 1 – Take a Payment MedSoft allows you to take client payments..

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Payments Applied Reports

MedSoft Payments Applied Reports MedSoft offers two reports that will show your clinic information about the funds received that have been applied. The Payments Applied report is a summary report, and shows a high-level look at how much money was applied from checks in each category. For Insurance payments, all payments are summed by insurance..

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Adding Non-Documented Visits in MedSoft

Since most of the billing processes in MedSoft are driven by an appointment being checked in, the question can sometimes arise:¬†What do you do when a patient stops by, not for a scheduled appointment, but just to purchase a supply in between appointments?   MedSoft allows “Non-Documented Visits” for exactly this purpose. Within the Patient..

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