MedSoft Payments Applied Reports

MedSoft offers two reports that will show your clinic information about the funds received that have been applied.

The Payments Applied report is a summary report, and shows a high-level look at how much money was applied from checks in each category. For Insurance payments, all payments are summed by insurance company. Patient payments are summed by Payment Method (check/cash/credit card/etc). The “Number of Transactions” column indicates how many billing lines that payment has been applied towards.

The Payments Applied Detail report breaks down each individual payment application in the requested time period. This report is similar to the Payments Received Detail but only reflects payments that have already been applied. While the Payments Received report might show that a $1000 check was received, the Payments Applied report will reflect only the $800 that has already been applied. The remaining $200 will not reflect on this report until it has been applied to a billing line.

 Please note that this report does not reflect payments applied to any Non-Documented Visits.

Multi-Location Specifics

For multi-location clinics, these are Clinic Level reports. This means the Payments reflected on this report are a reflection of only the active location selected in the MedSoft location drop-down.

This report can be used to narrow down what portion of the total Payments Received (Client Level) report was designated for each clinic location.


Suggested Uses for Payments Applied Reports

  • This report is used by CAVU Billing for monthly clinic invoicing
  • Multi-location clinics: identify individual clinic location income, after it’s been applied
  • Monitor clinic income
  • Identify payments that still have unapplied amounts remaining