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Therapist Fax Options

  MedSoft “Fax Options” Allows Therapists to Customize Faxes With the 5/18/18 release, MedSoft has given therapists greater customization with faxing.   On each exam, therapists will now see a “Fax Options” tab:   Click this tab to customize your outgoing fax.   Prescription Pad Want to send a blank prescription pad to your patient’s..

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Multi-Location: Faxing Documentation

Multi-Location Clinics And Documentation Faxing If your clinic has multiple locations, you may be wondering how this impacts your documentation faxing. If you fax out documentation from one location, how does the return fax number generate for the correct location?   For clinics with Auto-Faxing turned on, all Auto-Fax documentation will generate with a return..

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Time Savers: Auto-Faxing

  Auto-Fax Configuration MedSoft offers an Auto-Faxing feature for therapist documentation. Each clinic has the option to turn this feature ON/OFF on the Admin – Configuration tab in MedSoft. Please note that only Admin users have access to the System Configuration tab.   On the System Config tab, Admin users have three available options: Require..

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