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MedSoft Text Replacement

We are excited to announce MedSoft’s newest time-saving feature: Text Replacement Do you often use the same sentence or paragraph of text across multiple patients? Do you have a standard goal or assessment that might be beneficial to have stored for quick and easy insertion? MedSoft’s Text Replacement feature is designed for exactly this scenario…

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Multi-Location: Faxing Documentation

Multi-Location Clinics And Documentation Faxing If your clinic has multiple locations, you may be wondering how this impacts your documentation faxing. If you fax out documentation from one location, how does the return fax number generate for the correct location?   For clinics with Auto-Faxing turned on, all Auto-Fax documentation will generate with a return..

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Multi-Location Clinics

Tips and Tools for Multi-Location Clinic Users Last updated 12/22/17   Multi-Location Clinic Users can identify their locations through the Location Drop-Down box above the Menu Navigation bar:   You can use this drop-down to alternate between locations for all your MedSoft interactions.   Be aware of what information is shared! MedSoft shares some, but..

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