MedSoft “Fax Options” Allows Therapists to Customize Faxes

With the 5/18/18 release, MedSoft has given therapists greater customization with faxing.


On each exam, therapists will now see a “Fax Options” tab:


Click this tab to customize your outgoing fax.


Prescription Pad

Want to send a blank prescription pad to your patient’s referring doctor to make it easier for them to complete it and fax right back? Check the first box, and an additional prescription page will accompany your fax.

NOTE: Your clinic must provide CAVU Support with a digital copy of your clinic’s prescription pad for this feature to function. 


Previous Findings Report

Have a summary report accompany your outgoing fax! This will show your patient’s referring doctor a trend over time.


CC Fax Numbers

If it’s necessary to send your exam to multiple different parties, simply CC them on the fax.


Cover Sheet Note

Therapists now have the option to include a customized cover sheet note to accompany their fax, even when auto-faxing.





  • My clinic doesn’t have auto-faxing turned on. How does this impact the Therapist’s fax options?
    • The Therapist’s preferences for fax options will be stored until you send the fax manually through the fax queue.
  • My clinic DOES have auto-faxing turned on. How does this impact the Therapist’s fax options?
    • Therapist preferences are stored and sent directly to the auto-fax queue. Any necessary additional documents will automatically be faxed out, with the custom cover sheet note.
  • Is this information saved from one exam to the next?
    • No; for each exam, you can customize the preferences that are appropriate.