MedSoft Payments Received Reports


MedSoft offers two reports that will show your clinic the payments you have received in a particular time period: the Payments Received report, and the Payments Received Detail report.

Any payments logged on the Financials screen, the check-in screen, or in the Patient Center will be reflected on these reports.

The Payments Received report is a summary report, and shows a high-level look at how much money was received. For Insurance payments, all payments are summed by insurance company. Patient payments are summed by Payment Method (check/cash/credit card/etc). The “Number of Transactions” column indicates how many checks/credit card payments/cash payments were summed to reach the total number.

The Payments Received Detail report breaks down each individual payment in the requested time period for when a closer look is needed. This includes showing the detail of the total payment amount, as well as how much of that money is still unapplied.

Multi-Location Specifics

For multi-location clinics, these are Client Level reports. This means the Payments reflected on this report are a total of all clinic locations.

On the Payments Received Detail report, a “Location” column will indicate at which location the payment was made. Any payments showing “ClinicName – Master” in the Location column are payments that the CAVU Billing department will be applying across more than one clinic location.

Suggested Uses for Payments Received Reports

There are many ways to use these reports.

  • Balance your MedSoft account against any receipts you have received at the clinic
  • Monitor clinic income
  • Identify payments that still have unapplied amounts remaining