Since most of the billing processes in MedSoft are driven by an appointment being checked in, the question can sometimes arise: What do you do when a patient stops by, not for a scheduled appointment, but just to purchase a supply in between appointments?


MedSoft allows “Non-Documented Visits” for exactly this purpose. Within the Patient Center, housed under the Financials button, then the Billing tab, you’ll see a button labeled “Add Non-Documented Visit.


Clicking this button will prompt you to enter the date that the patient visited the clinic. Enter that date, click “Add Visit,” and you can now enter a the appropriate billing codes for the supplies or any other item the patient purchased. This visit will not require any documentation to be completed by the therapist, and should solely be used for an instance similar to the one outlined above – a patient has a charge that needs to be billed, but did not come in for a visit.



Non-Documented Visit FAQ

  • Should I use a “Non-Documented Visit” when a patient has a No Show or Cancelled Appointment charge?
    • No. For Cancellation or No Show charges, users should always use the Appointment Calendar. When a user selects “Cancel” or “No Show” on the Appointment Calendar, the prompt is always given to “Charge” or “No Charge.” This is the appropriate location for those designations. If a user clicked Charge or No Charge in error and now wants to make a correction to that process, please email for assistance.
  • Should I use a “Non-Documented Visit” when a patient comes in for a nonmedical visit outside of their normally scheduled medical visit? Example: a patient who comes in for PT has now also scheduled a visit to come in for a massage/wellness visit?
    • No. In this scenario, you would want to Create a Linked Patient Account for the patient, thus giving them both a Medical and a Non-Medical account within MedSoft. Since the patient is coming in for scheduled wellness visits, this would not be the appropriate usage of the Non-Documented Visit. By nature, Non-Documented Visits are those that did not have a scheduled appointment.