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Expiring Policies, Authorizations, and Prescriptions

  There are many subtle nuances to clinic management. One of these is ensuring that you are always up-to-date with Patient Insurance Policies, Authorizations, and Prescriptions. Treating a patient whose Policy/Authorization/Prescription has already expired costs your clinic money. If you’re not finding out about an expiration until billing gets rejected, you’ve lost valuable time and..

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Billing Screen Clarification

With our 10/19/17 Release, MedSoft now provides more clarity in regards to documentation for Current and Previous Visits. Prior to this Release, within the Patient Center – Financials – Billing window, the Current Visits and Previous Visits tabs have always shown “Yes” in the Documentation column, even if the Visit was created by a Cancel..

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Charges window

With our latest Release, we’re making Charges even easier to update! As a reminder, only Admin users have access to modify clinic charges. These users will see the following options under the “Admin” tab in the Menu Navigation bar:   Clicking “Charges” will load a page with all of your clinic’s Charge Codes. From this..

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