Reminder: N/A Option Available for Visit Count

On September 4, a MedSoft update was released that allowed users to select “N/A” as an option for the Policy Visit Count.

This option is available:

  1. when Adding A Policy at initial Registration
  2. when Editing A Policy in the Patient Center


When Should the “N/A” box be checked?

This option should be selected when a patient’s policy does not outline a specific numeric quantity of visits. Examples include policies whose visit count is “Unlimited” or “Medical Necessity.”

In an upcoming release, MedSoft will implement enhanced tracking to alert clinics that patients are approaching their final visits.

In order for this to function effectively for your clinic, we strongly recommend that you ensure any patient who should not have a numeric visit count has the “N/A” box checked on his/her policy, rather than entering the Visits Allowed as “0.”


Would you like a list of potentially impacted patients for your clinic? CAVU Support can provide your clinic with customized reports to assist in identifying patients who may need the “N/A” box checked.