MedSoft utilizes a one-hour timeout system.

After 1 hour of inactivity in the system, you will be prompted to continue working; if this prompt is not clicked, you will be auto-logged out.


A note on multiple open tabs/windows:

If you have multiple tabs/windows open for MedSoft, and you log out of one window, every other open tab is instantly logged out, as well. As a best practice, if you log out of MedSoft in any window/tab, you should immediately close any other open MedSoft windows, because they are now also logged out.


Practical example: let’s assume, as a Therapist, you have a MedSoft tab open, and 3 exams open in 3 separate windows (for a total of 4 tabs open). If you log out of the main MedSoft window for any reason, the other 3 documentation windows are now also logged out. There is no message to tell you this; you have just logged yourself out of the system, so all tabs are now logged out. If you try to work in those tabs later on, even after relogging in, those tabs will still be logged out of the system, and none of the work that you do in those tabs will be saved; it will act similar to a timeout error.


A helpful tip for PTs and PTAs in regards to Exam Documentation:

Any time you are walking away from your computer, be sure to save any open documentation (in each tab/window, if you have multiple tabs/windows open). When you return to your computer, you can click the Save button again; this sends a postback to the database and if you are timed out, you will be redirected to the login screen immediately. By saving before you walk away, you ensure that your work will not be lost. By clicking Save as soon as you return, you will ensure that, if you are timed out, you haven’t typed in anymore notes before realizing that, so you won’t lose any data.