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We are constantly enhancing and improving MedSoft's funcationality.
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Daily Notes – Objective Tab

MedSoft’s Daily Note templates have historically skipped the Objective information, since most therapists are not making Objective measurements at each and every patient visit. We recognize, however, that for a true SOAP note, the Objective tab should be included. To accommodate differing opinions on this topic, MedSoft has introduced a clinic-configurable setting that allows you..

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MedSoft Text Replacement

We are excited to announce MedSoft’s newest time-saving feature: Text Replacement Do you often use the same sentence or paragraph of text across multiple patients? Do you have a standard goal or assessment that might be beneficial to have stored for quick and easy insertion? MedSoft’s Text Replacement feature is designed for exactly this scenario…

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Appointment Calendar Right Click Menu

Appointment Calendar Right Click Menu Options MedSoft’s Appointment Calendar has multiple options available on the menu that pops up when users right click in on a particular day: Quick Links: New Appointment New Recurring Appointment Go to today Show 24 hours… Print Front Office Schedule Print Therapist Schedule Paste   New Appointment Users can schedule..

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Best Practices – Authorizations and Policies

Authorizations and Policies – Visit Counts   MedSoft separates Patient Policies and Authorizations into two separate locations. Since each has a visit count listed on it, the question sometimes arises:   What do we do if the Policy initially provides 5 visits, but we are later granted authorization for an additional 5 visits? Should we..

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Productivity Detail Report

The Productivity Detail report shows detailed visits and charge amounts within the requested date range, differentiated by calendar resource. Filters: This report utilizes filters. Users should select the appropriate Report Details they would like to view on the “Report Details” window that pops up before running the report to ensure accuracy. Report Sample:   FAQ:..

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