Even though it’s 2020, some insurances still require paper billing. MedSoft tracks Insurances as either Paper or Electronic on the Admin -> Insurances screen.

When an Insurance is set up in the system as “Paper,” bills will not be sent electronically. Instead, the CAVU Billing team will print off HCFAs directly from MedSoft and mail them to be billed. For transparency, clinic users can see when Paper Billing has occurred on the Transactions tab in the Patient Center. Dates that the Paper Billing occurred are displayed under the “View History” tab in the far right column.

CAVU Billing Note: HCFAs can be viewed as many times as necessary prior to or after billing by clicking the View HCFA button. The date for billing will only be logged when the “Mark as Printed” button is checked at the time of HCFA generation.