As more clinics are treating for Telehealth and E-visits in the current health climate, we are seeing rapid updates from insurance providers. Each insurance provider is choosing the codes, modifiers, and place of service (POS) that will need to be displayed on their bills.

To adapt to these changes, MedSoft previously added the “Telehealth” checkbox on non-Medicare exams, and the E-visit codes for Medicare exams (read more here). When visits are selected as Telehealth or the E-visit codes are used, the POS is automatically changed from “11” to “02.”

Some insurances are choosing to still have the POS designated as “11” for Telehealth/E-visits. If this is needed for billing, MedSoft has a POS Override function in two places:

Patient Center Billing (for electronic billing)

To modify the POS before e-bills are sent, the POS will need to be changed before the billing is set to Complete in the Patient Center. In the Patient Center -> Financials -> Billing tab, the POS can be modified when opening the billing details for a visit, as shown below:

HCFA Override (for paper billing)

MedSoft also allows a POS Override when printing HCFAs for paper billing. This option is found in the Patient Center -> Financials -> Transactions tab, when the HCFA is generated to print. The POS can be entered prior to generating the HCFA, as shown below: