This widget shows a list of patients who have a positive aging balance of 61+ days, and who have not had a Billing Note documented in MedSoft in 25+ days.

This widget is designed for the CAVU Billing team and/or Clinic to be notified of patients with an aging balance who need a contact attempt. By clicking on the green bar, the user loads the Details page of the widget:
The Details page displays Patient Name, Account Number, Aging Amount, Insurance, and the Date of the Last Billing Note. Each column is sortable by clicking on the column header. The filter box at the top right of the Details grid allows users to filter the results displayed by anything typed into the box.
Below the grid is a “CSV” icon image. Clicking this will export the widget details into Microsoft Excel.
At the top of the Details grid is a “Refresh” button. This widget is automatically refreshed 3 times daily (at 1:00 a.m., 11:20 a.m., and 1:20 p.m., MST). If users would like to manually refresh the grid in between those times, the manual Refresh button can be clicked. Please note that the manual Refresh only updates the Details page, and not the widget on the Insight Analytics screen.

I added a Note, but the patient is still remaining on the widget. Why haven’t they fallen off?
Patients will only fall off the widget if the Note type added was a “Billing” Type (see screen shot below). If the Note Type was “Billing” and the patient still has not fallen off the widget details, click the “Refresh” button to refresh the details grid so that the patient will drop off.