The “Medicare POC Tracking” widget shows Medicare patients who have had a Plan of Care sent to a doctor, and helps the front office track if/when the signed Plan of Care is returned.

The widget on the Insight Analytics page shows the # of Unsigned Plans of Care in 3 different time-frames:

Less Than 30 Days (the preferred signing time for Medicare Plans of Care)

31 – 60 Days (a signing grace period allowed by Medicare)

and Greater than 60 days (requires a Delayed Certification in addition to the signed Plan of Care, per Medicare guidelines).

Clicking on any of the green bars on the widget will load the Details page for Plans of Care in that timeframe:

The Details page of the widget displays Patient Name, Account Number, Date the Plan of Care Starts and Ends, the Visit Date when the Plan of Care was started, the Date the Plan of Care was Faxed, Referring Vendor information, and a final column that allows users to enter Notes and update the Plan of Care status to Received (indicating that a signed Plan of Care has been returned from the Ordering/Referring Physician).

Each column of the Details page is sortable and all information is available for Excel export via an icon below the widget. Please note that Notes cannot be added and Received Status cannot be toggled on the Excel export.

Widget Details: Notes

Adding a Note in the Widget Details of the Plan of Care widget allows the Front Office users to track interactions with the Ordering/Referring Physician (such as: “Left Message with Dr. Smith’s staff requesting follow up on the POC”). When a note is entered on the widget, it will share automatically to the Notes section of the Patient Center, as well as the Patient History in the Patient Center.

Widget Details: Received

Marking a Plan of Care as Received on the Details page of the widget marks the Plan of Care as signed within MedSoft and triggers two important steps:

  1. The patient will now fall off the widget, as the Plan of Care is no longer unsigned.
  2. The message that a therapist sees in Documentation will now indicate that a signed Plan of Care is on file until the End Date listed. Once the End Date has passed, the therapist will see a note in the Documentation indicating that there is no longer a signed Plan of Care on file.