Using Patient Designations to Share Information Quickly


MedSoft’s Patient Designation features allows you to use system-provided icons to relay information about patients across your clinic in a subtle, easy-to-identify manner. At present, MedSoft offers the following Icons/Designations:


Users can set designations for Patients within the Patient Center on the Detail screen:


Once a designation has been set for a patient, the icon will display in multiple locations throughout MedSoft:

  1. Patient Center Patient Name Banner

  1. Patient Center Search Results Grid

  1. Appointment Scheduling Search Results field




Clinics can utilize these designations according to their own clinic definitions of each icon/designation.


Suggested Uses/Best Practices

  1. Consider using the “Medically Fragile” designation to inform all users of the need to take extra care with a patient who may be more fragile and/or need extra time.
  2. “Flex Appointment” can designate a patient who is flexible with appointment times to easily alert all users that this patient might be easier to reschedule than another.
  3. The “Balance Due” icon, when set, will notify all users that this patient has a balance that should be collected.
  4. “Billing Alert” should be used to alert CAVU Billing to any special billing cases, like patients who get a friends and family discount, etc.
  5. “Home Health” should be used for Medicare Home Health patients to alert all users to this status. This can help ensure that staff members are confirming with the patient that they have not utilized Home Health services in the same day as a PT appointment.