With all the time you invest in patient care, you may not have a lot of time or resources left over for marketing your clinic. To grow your clinic, however, that marketing is crucial.

MedSoft offers your clinic multiple tools to capitalize on the information you already have on hand. Your referring doctors, for example, are already stored in MedSoft. By creating “Prospect” contacts for these vendors, you can now create and manage marketing campaigns for them.

Want to send direct mailers or holiday cards to your referring doctors? MedSoft Marketing Campaigns allow you to pull a bulk mailing list for prospects, ready to print directly onto address labels. Is your clinic more digitally oriented? Run a bulk email list and send out a campaign.

Document any follow-ups you’ve received as a result of these campaigns, and now you’re well on your way to tracking marketing effectiveness and outcomes.


When you’re ready to begin your Marketing process, check out this post on Maximizing Your Marketing for tips.