MedSoft’s newest report, the Appointment Detail Log, is designed to assist you in answering questions you may have in regards to interactions that occur on the Patient Appointment Calendar. The report is found on the Admin Reports page, and users with the Admin* and Data Analyst* roles have access to run it.

After clicking on “Run,” enter the date range for your report. The resulting Excel spreadsheet is broken out into two headings for your Date Range:

  • Appointment Action Log
    • This details all actions that occurred after the appointment was scheduled, the time and date that those actions occurred, and the user responsible for the action.
    • Actions included on this log are:
      • Appointment Status Updates (to check in, cancel with or without charge, no show with or without charge)
      • Whether or not a payment was collected at the Check-In screen
      • User who collected a payment, and date the payment was collected
  • Appointment Delete Log
    • This outlines the date of the appointment, the date the appointment was added to the calendar, the date it was deleted, and the user responsible for deleting it.


Helpful Tips

  1. The Appointment Date is the driving date for this report. If you are trying to identify which user deleted an appointment that was scheduled for October 1, search for the October 1 date range. The report will then show you the creation and deleted dates for that appointment.


*Questions about who user roles? Please view our User Roles Guide post for more details.