On your appointment calendar in MedSoft, you’ll notice that patient names sometimes turn red.
A patient’s name on the calendar will display in red font when the Policy Remaining Visit count drops to 4 or fewer visits. This font color change is to alert users that the visit count is getting low, and it may be time to start talking with the patient about alternate options for treatment after their allowed policy visits have ended.
NOTE: The patient name will ONLY update to display in red when a check-in occurs that drops the Remaining Visit count from 5 visits to 4 visits. For all appointments after that date, the patient name will display in red on the Appointment Calendar. If, for any reason, the policy is manually updated to more than 4 visits, the font will display in black again until the visit count drops below 4 again.
Patients with “N/A” selected for their visit count will never be impacted by this font color change.