The Productivity Summary report shows a summary of visits and charge amounts

within the requested date range, differentiated by calendar resource.


Report Sample:

For each calendar resource at your clinic, the following data is outlined.


A Grand Total of all Resources is included at the bottom of the report:



  • What makes the Billing Type “Electronic” or “Paper?”
    • If the Insurance is set to “Electronic” billing on the Admin -> Insurances screen, the billing type is Electronic.
    • All other billing, including Cash patients, are considered Paper.
  • What determines if the “Sent” column is “Yes” or “No?”
    • For Electronic billing, once the billing is sent to EDI, this column updates to Yes.
    • For paper billing, this column will update to “yes” once a HCFA is printed.


Report Format:


Suggested Uses:

  • identify areas of question/concern. These can then be further investigated on the Productivity Detail report.