Dormant Patients

The “Dormant Patients” widget shows patients who have not had a visit recently. This allows users to follow up with patients to get them back on the schedule.

The grid in the widget shows total number of patients who have been “dormant” – not checked in for a visit – for four different time ranges. These ranges are 30 – 60 days, 60 – 90 days, 90 – 120 days, and 120+ days. Hovering over the bars for each of these time ranges will populate a box giving you the number of patients that bar represents.

“Details” pages are available by clicking on individual segments of the graph, and offer more in-depth data:

  1. Radio buttons allow you to choose whether you want to view a list of patients who have been dormant for 7+ days, 14+ days, 30+ days, or 60+ days.
  2. A checkbox allows you to include or exclude NonMedical Patient Types in your results.
  3. The “Last Visit” date in this grid is the most recent Checked-In Appointment.
  4. Patient Names are all hyperlinked directly to the Patient Center.
  5. Within this widget detail page, all columns are sortable; clicking on any column header will sort the widget details by that column.
  6. The filter box in the top right corner of the grid will search through all results on the grid and return only those rows with the data entered in the filter box.
  7. There is an option to open the Detail data in Excel. Please note that the Excel export will show all dormant patients, regardless of which radio buttons have been selected on the Widget Details page.

This widget does not return results for any patients in “Closed,” “Discharged,” “Self Discharged,” “Delayed,” “Denied,” “Collections,” or “Past Due” statuses.

Patients who are scheduled for an upcoming appointment will not show up on the widget, regardless of how long it has been since their last checked-in appointment.