MedSoft’s Daily Note templates have historically skipped the Objective information, since most therapists are not making Objective measurements at each and every patient visit.

We recognize, however, that for a true SOAP note, the Objective tab should be included.

To accommodate differing opinions on this topic, MedSoft has introduced a clinic-configurable setting that allows you to include (or not) the Objective tab on Daily Notes.

If the Objective tab is included, it will display an Objective Comments box on all Daily Notes. Please note that this comment box is not required for Daily Note completion.

If comments are entered in this box, they will display in the Objective section of the Documentation PDF.

Clinic Configuration

To turn this setting on or off for your clinic, an Admin user will need to modify the System Configuration tab. To do so, click “Admin” in the Menu Navigation Bar, followed by “Config.” Then click the “System Config” tab.

The Daily Note Setting is found in the Documentation section of this screen.